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How a Hydro Jet Keeps the Plumbing Lines Clear in Your Building

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When you have several employees and customers in your building all day, you need to rely on your plumbing to function properly. If you've been having trouble with clogs or slow drains, you may need to have your drains cleaned out with a hydro jet. Here's how hydro jetting is beneficial for commercial plumbing.

Hydro Jetting Can Be Used for Maintenance

When you deal with the public, have a kitchen in your building, or have several employees who spend hours each day in your building, you want the plumbing in your bathrooms and other areas to be fully functional all the time. One way to ensure that is to have regular maintenance done to prevent clogs. A plumber might recommend using a hydro jet occasionally to clean out sewer drains so the risk of clogging is reduced. This might be particularly helpful if tree roots keep getting in the drains and cause problems. 

A Hydro Jet Can Blast Through Clogs

Whether you have scheduled maintenance done or not, it's important to call a plumber when your drains or toilets get slow. You don't want a toilet to back up and overflow, so call a plumber to clear out drains at the first sign of them slowing down. Your plumber might want to do a video inspection of the drains before using a hydro jet. This lets the plumber see what's causing the clog and also lets them know the condition of the pipe they'll be cleaning out.

A hydro jet uses a powerful jet of water to blast through clogs. It can cut right through tree roots and paper clogs, so it can be used for all kinds of obstructions as long as your pipes are strong enough to withstand the force from the pressure. Instead of a single stream of water shooting from the front of the hydro jet head, water sprays out in all directions so the sides of the pipe get scrubbed clean during the process.

This eliminates all traces of clogs and tree roots. In addition, a hydro jet cleans off buildup from grease and hard water scale that might be lining your pipes and contributing to clogs. A hydro jet is an effective tool for cleaning out pipes and drain lines. The work can often be done outside through an access opening so your regular operations don't have to be disrupted.

A hydro jet can clean out a serious clog that has completely blocked a pipe or caused a backup, but you don't want to wait for a plumbing emergency to call for help. Instead, talk to your plumber about regular pipe maintenance and signs to watch for so you can call for help before your building has a plumbing clog disaster.