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Water Heaters: Choosing The Right Model For Your Household

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When it is time to upgrade to a new water heater, you need to know more about the different models. By taking the opportunity to learn more about these models, you will find it much easier to pick the right model for your home.

Energy Efficiency

The first aspect to consider is the efficiency of the different water heaters, which is why you need to know the energy factor of the different models first. This information will tell you how much hot water you get for the amount of fuel it consumes. The higher the energy factor is, the less energy it takes to heat the water your home requires.

In addition to lower energy consumption, you also want a model that loses less heat while it is not being used. For this reason, you want to research the thermal resistance (R-value) for the different models. Ratings of R-12 to R-25 are the better options, since these tanks have thicker insulation, thus reducing the amount of heat they lose when no one is using the hot water in your home.

Leak Detection

Some water heaters come with a newer feature that helps you identify leaks while they are small. These models have an electronic device that monitors the internal pressure of the tank. If the tank starts to drop below a specific level when it is not being used, the device will sound an alarm.

A basic leak detection device has an alarm that beeps loudly when a leak is suspected. More advanced models are wireless and will send a notification to your mobile phone notifying you of an issue. By knowing when a minor or major leak has occurred, you have the ability to deal with the situation before the tank fails completely.

Cleaning Option

One last thing to take into account is how you clean out the hot water tank. Some models require you to empty the tank and then manually clean out the sediment at the bottom. However, you can find ones with a self-cleaning feature.

A self-cleaning model agitates the water within the tank to help prevent any sediment from settling to the bottom. This is done by increasing the pressure of the cold water that enters the tank. Since the cold water goes in faster, it keeps the contents of the tank in a constant motion so that the sediment does not latch onto the bottom of your tank.

Before you buy and install a new water heater for your home, you need to know more information about the different models. Gathering this information can be the best way to pick between the different models, so you can choose the right one for your home. For more information on water heaters, talk to a company like Brother's Plumbing.