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3 Things Besides Food Or Hair That Can Clog Your Drain Or Sewer And Require A Professional Cleaning

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When it comes to drain and sewer clogs, the most common culprit is usually a build up of hair and/or food that has been sent into your plumbing system over the years. But if you start to see your water backing up or draining slowly, there could be other factors in play as well. Here are 3 other potential problems that every homeowner should keep an eye on.

Mineral Build Up

If your home has hard water, it's possible that your pipes could be at risk of mineral build up. Galvanized iron pipes in particular have a rough interior texture which can give the minerals in the water something to cling onto as the water works its way through your system. Your pipes may have to be removed in order to be thoroughly cleaned, but a good sewer and drain cleaning company will be able to locate the source of the problem.

Tree Roots

Roots are a sewer line's worst nightmare. Hopefully you've never planted a tree anywhere near your sewer, but if you bought the property and you noticed a tree was already somewhere by the line, it's something you will have to keep an eye on if you don't want to remove the tree completely. Roots are attracted to sewer lines because the wastewater often has nutrients in it. Once the roots strike figurative gold by breaking into the pipe, they will continue to grow until a blockage occurs. A sewer cleaning service can destroy the roots inside the pipe and also attempt to kill the roots on the outside so that the problem doesn't crop back up.

An Old Plumbing System

Sometimes despite your best efforts to keep your drains clear, your house itself could be causing a problem for you. If you have an outdated plumbing system in an especially old home, you could be at greater risk of a clog. Galvanized drain lines can cause a problem and a drain that is not vented properly will never fully drain properly. Luckily, these problems are all fixable with the help of a professional. If you know your home has one of these problems and you don't want to install a brand new plumbing system, you may want to schedule a regular cleaning with a professional to stay on top of any potential problems.

Food and hair are common culprits when it comes to creating a clog in your drain or sewer line but homeowners should keep an eye out for other problem starters too. Mineral build up, tree roots and even old plumbing are all things can cause an issue if you're not careful. Contact a professional sewer and drain cleaner at the first sign of trouble. Visit for more information.