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How To Ensure Yourself Against Any Future Sewer Line Repairs

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Discovering that the sewer line from your house to the road is in rough shape and will need to be completely uprooted is not a pleasant thought or cheap project for any project owner. You may be wondering if there is any way you can make sure that you never have to repair your sewer line again. Actually there are a couple of ways you can prevent this messy and expensive project from reoccurring, at least for the duration of the time you live in your home.

Convert All Sewer Pipes to Titanium and/or Steel

Right now, your plumbing contractor is probably pulling up a lot of pipes that have been underground and connecting your house to the city sewer system for several decades. That means the pipes are made of lead or iron, and neither type was meant to last indefinitely. With lead pipes there are additional dangers because the lead from the pipes can leach into the ground and the wastewater heading out of your home. As long as the plumber is ripping everything up and out of the ground, you could replace it all and convert to titanium or stainless steel sewer pipes instead; this way, there will be no leaching of toxins and no rust or corrosion, and the best part is that the titanium or steel pipes will last until you pass away or until the house has exchanged hands a couple times over.

Choose a Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Trenchless sewer line repair means that your plumber does not dig up your yard or your basement floor in an attempt to rip out the old pipes and put in new ones. Instead, a contractor like South West Plumbing installs a handy system that pulverizes away the old pipes while instantly laying new ones. The whole process is guided via a sewer camera. If there is ever a question of your new pipes having a problem, all the plumber has to do is run a sewer camera through again to take a look.

Since components of the installation system remain in place after the new pipes are laid, any future owners of the property will never have to worry about ripping up the yard and the basement either. A plumbing contractor can return several years hence and repeat the pipe-laying procedure through the same ports of entry and exit. Additionally, all of the pipes used are seamless, which further reduces the possibility that any repairs will ever have to be made.