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How To Clean And Improve Your Heating System

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If your heating system is not running properly, it is obviously a major concern. It is a project that you want to take care of before the winter arrives. But, before you call in a heating repair specialist, you should run a few checks on your own to see if you can improve your heating system. By running a few simple tests, you might be able to improve the efficiency of your HVAC without spending a dollar. This article will explain how to make the heater more efficient with a few simple DIY cleanings.

Clean the Furnace Filter

The first thing to do is to clean your furnace filter. The furnace filter is easy to change because it can be accessed without any tools. The filter is usually right along the front or side of the furnace. It will be inside a small compartment with a hinged door. Just pop the door open and pull the filter out. It is very easy to clean the filter by just scraping out the grooves with a sponge or brush. You might pull out the filter and not see any dust or dirt buildup. However, you should still check the hose input to filter compartment. This is a common area of dirt build up. When you put the filter back in place, you might immediately notice better airflow when you run your heater.

Cleaning the Air Registers

Another simple way to ensure that your heater is running effectively, is making sure that your air registers are clean. The best way to fully inspect and clean your registers is to completely remove them from the wall. Most registers are easily attached to the wall with just a couple of screws. Once they are removed, be sure to thoroughly clean the backside. You can even soak them in your sink and clean them off with dishwashing soap. However, this might not be advisable if you have wooden or aluminum registers. You might be better off just cleaning these off with a slightly damp rag or sponge.

Cleaning Your Ducts

While you're registers are removed from the wall, you should also inspect and clean the ducts. You can use a broom or telescoping dusting pole to dust the sidewalls of your ducts. However, if you notice a lot of dust and dirt buildup deep inside your ducts that you cannot reach, you might need to just hire a professional duct cleaning service.

The three simple cleaning jobs will only take a few hours and they won't cost you any money. In the long run, they could even save you money buy increasing the efficiency of your heating system and reducing your utility bill.