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Porta Potties For Outdoor Events

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Holding an outside event can be extremely fun; however, there are tedious details that you have to tend to as well. You want all of your attendees to have a great time, but they will not if they won't if they don't have personal hygiene stations throughout your outdoor venue. Having porta potties and hand sanitizing stations is extremely important to your venue and the guest.

Porta Potties

There are different sizes and functions of the porta potties that you can rent. It will depend on how much space you can delegate for the hygiene station, how many people you expect to attend, and what the purpose of the event is. For example, if you have an event that is supporting disabilities and you know that there will be many individuals using wheelchairs, then you will need more wheelchair-accessible porta potties. A good option may be to only rent that type. This is because people who are not in wheelchairs can use them too. They are universal. If you are holding an upscale event or even a wedding, there are types of porta potties that offer flushing systems. There are other types that even offer more room for long dresses.

Hand Washing Stations

Although there is a porta potty model that offers a washing station inside the booth, there are other options. In order to decrease the time in line, you can offer a hand washing station that is located next to the porta potties. There are different designs to offer more space and other models that offer four sinks in one design. It will depend on the head count of your event and how much room you have for the equipment.

Supplies for the Station

Some companies will supply the items you need for the personal hygiene station, while others may not. It is important to ask this when renting your equipment. If the company does not supply the small items that are needed, then it would be advised to purchase these before they are forgotten. They can be overlooked in the grand scheme of the event. Here is a sample list of items that you will need for your personal hygiene station.

  • Liquid Soap
  • Paper Towels or Hand Towels
  • Toilet Paper
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Hose for Washing Hookup
  • Female Hygiene Products

Keep in mind that you may need the company to come and empty the porta potties. Depending on how long the event lasts, you will need them to switch the porta potties out or empty them before the event is over. If you do not want to do this, then the fix to this issue may be to have additional porta potties placed on location.

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