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5 Handy Tips for Maintaining the Draining in Your Plumbing System

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Keeping the plumbing in your home in good condition is an important part of keeping your home safe and welcoming, but it does require some hands-on work instead of only relying on professionals for help. Clogged drains can cost anywhere between $100 to $430 on average, making it important to look into how you can take care of the draining on your own. With the right plumbing know-how, you can avoid any problems with your drains and keep them running smoothly.

Avoid Rinsing Anything But Water Down the Drains

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when taking care of their drains is rinsing down all kinds of things. Bathroom toiletries besides toilet paper, food scraps, coffee grounds, and more, are all rinsed down the drain often enough unintentionally or on purpose and can lead to significant clogs in your drains.

Instruct Your Family or Roommates about Proper Use

Along with making sure not to let anything go down the drains except for liquids and toilet paper, make sure that everyone else in your home is instructed of this as well. Children can be especially difficult to teach what can and can't be flushed on rinsed down the drains, making it important to remind them often about these rules.

Routinely Clean Out the Sink If Possible

Most sinks can have the stopped pulled up and cleaned to get rid of any hair or gunk that's built up. By doing this a few times a month, you can help reduce the chance of the sink becoming stopped up as often.

Use a Straining Stopper in Your Kitchen Sink

An easy way to combat food scraps going down the kitchen sink and causing potential clogs is by using a strainer. Setting up a strainer above  the sink drains, you can simply empty it every day and reduce the chance of clogs becoming a problem in your kitchen.

Invest in a Sink Drain Pipe

If your drain pipes in the kitchen are corroded and often leaking, they're not going to be as effective any longer and it's only a matter of time until they burst. In order to keep your kitchen or bathroom in good shape, look into replacing the sink drain pipe either on your own or with the help of professionals.

As you explore your options for keeping the drainage system in your home in good shape, you'll quickly see that you may be making some common mistakes. With the proper maintenance in mind, you'll be able to extend the lifetime of your plumbing system significantly and without costly repairs needed. For assistance, talk to a professional like Quality Plumbing Inc.