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Keep Calm And Drain On: 3 Simple Maintenance Tasks To Help You Care For Your Sump Pump

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Finding out that your home has sustained water damage can be disheartening. Most homeowners spend between $1,066 and $3,348 repairing water damage that might occur in their home. In order to prevent these expenses from hitting your pocketbook, it can be beneficial to keep your sump pump working properly.

Here are three simple maintenance tasks you can complete to ensure your sump pump keeps your home safe from water damage in the future.

1. Check the condition of your sump pump's float on a regular basis.

Much like your toilet relies on a float to determine when more water should be added to its tank, your sump pump uses a float to determine when water should be removed from its drainage area.

Over time, this float can become damaged. Check to ensure that your sump pump's float is not punctured, since this will allow it to fill up with water, which will render the float (and, by extension, your sump pump) useless. Replace a damaged float as quickly as possible to keep your home protected from water damage.

2. Make sure your sump pit is clean.

One of the easiest things you can do to keep your sump pit working properly is ensure the sump pit is free of debris. Any loose items in your sump pit could damage your float, causing your sump pump to stop working properly.

Begin by draining out any lines that are serviced by the sump pump. Disconnect the sump pump motor from its discharge pipe, and remove both from the pit. Use a wet/dry vacuum to remove any remaining water from the pit, and then scrape out any sludge or debris your might find at the bottom. Rinse the exterior of the sump pump motor before reconnecting it to the discharge pipe, and place the unit back into your newly cleaned pit.

3. Check the integrity of your sump pump's electrical connections.

Failed electrical connections can cause serious problems for your sump pump. Since the pump needs access to electricity to run properly, any electrical failures will prevent the pump from removing excess water from your home.

Take the time to thoroughly check the integrity of your sump pump's electrical wiring. Look for any cracks in the plastic sheath covering the cord, and test the electrical output produced by the outlet your pump is plugged in to. It can be beneficial to invest in a backup generator, which will keep your pump running in the event of a power outage.

Maintaining your sump pump is essential when it comes to preventing water damage in your home. By taking the time to inspect the float, clean out your sump pit, and monitor the condition of your pump's electrical wiring, you will be able to repair your sump pump before it allows too much water into your home. If you notice your sump pump is damaged during these maintenance tasks, contact a company, like Frank Niesen Company, to come and repair your sump pump immediately.