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3 Bathroom Remodeling Tips That Can Make Your Small Space Look Bigger

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Space can be a serious issue when trying to remodel a small bathroom. Unfortunately, unless you are willing to spend thousands of dollars to build an addition on to your house, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to change the actual amount of space that your bathroom offers. However, this does not mean that you simply need to accept a small bathroom that looks cramped and uninviting. This is because with the help of the three remodeling tips below, it is possible to make your small bathroom look much larger, even if you are not actually adding a single square foot to the available space.

1. Compliment Light Colored Walls With Dark Colored Accents

Always begin by choosing a light colored paint or wallpaper for your walls. This is extremely important as dark walls can make even a large space look much smaller than it is.

In order to avoid a dull, uninviting bathroom, you will want to accent your light colored walls with darker colored accessories. For instance, you may choose to paint your walls a very pale yellow and then add a splash of color to the room by purchasing brightly colored towels and sink accessories.

2. Install A Frameless Shower Door

Shower curtains and traditional shower doors can make your bathroom look even smaller by creating a visual barrier that tricks the eye into thinking the space has come to an end, even though there is still some space left behind the door. Frameless shower doors work in an opposite manner.

Since frameless shower doors offer all glass construction, they will allow the eye to see beyond the door and interpret the presence of more available space. These doors can also present you with the opportunity to draw the eye away from tight spaces by using decorative tiles and fixtures to make your shower the true focal point of the room.

3. Make Use Of Mirrors In Your Decor

Most people think of a bathroom mirror simply as a way to check their appearance in the morning. However, these mirrors can play a large role in creating the illusion of more space when remodeling a small bathroom.

Thanks to the mirror's reflection, it can often appear as though a small area actually offers a virtually endless amount of space. In order to take advantage of this illusion, consider placing mirrors in different areas of your bathroom rather than simply placing one over the sink. For instance, choosing to place a mirror on the back of your bathroom door will allow you to see a reflection of the entire bathroom, ultimately giving the impression that you have nearly twice as much space as you really do.

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