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Things To Consider When Deciding Where To Place Your Portable Restroom At An Outdoor Event

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If you're hosting a large outdoor event, such as a concert or food festival, you're probably planning to rent some portable restrooms. The process is pretty simple -- you call the rental company, tell them what you need, and make plans to have the bathrooms delivered. It's very important, however, that you think carefully about where you're going to place the bathrooms before the rental company comes to deliver them. Improperly placed bathrooms, after all, can make an otherwise good festival less appealing.

Consider these three factors when deciding where to place your restrooms:

1. Place the restrooms far from the food stands.

If you will have food stands at your event, you may initially assume that the restrooms should be nearby so people can wash their hands before and after eating. Consider, however, that portable restrooms tend to get smellier a lot faster than permanent ones. After a few hours of heavy use from your event visitors, there may be a stench coming from the restrooms -- and that stench certainly won't make the food seem more appealing. Avoid turning people off from dining by locating the restrooms substantially far from the food area.

2. Make sure there is room for lines to form.

Keep in mind that when your festival or event is at its busiest, there will probably be lines to the restrooms. Make sure you place them somewhere there is space for lines to form -- not right between two buildings or next to a busy standing area. You don't want people who are trying to participate in another activity tripping over those who are waiting to use the restrooms.

3. Make sure the ground is sturdy and dry enough in the area you place the restrooms.

Place the restrooms near a mud puddle, and your patrons will end up tracking a lot of mud into them. You may have to pay an extra fee to have the restrooms deep cleaned, and at the very least, your patrons won't appreciate the mess. This is not to mention that the restrooms may sink into the ground and be harder for the rental company to come pull away, later.

The rental company should check to make sure the ground directly underneath the bathrooms is stable enough, but you should double check to be sure. They probably won't look at the area nearby where people will walk to the bathroom or stand in line. That's your responsibility.

By taking a little time to think about your location before having your rental restrooms dropped off, you can increase attendees' satisfaction with your event and also avoid messy mishaps.

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